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Texas native Dylan started off on YouTube posting videos of his skateboarding exploits and drum performances. Two years ago, he decided to start creating content about another one of his passions – video games. Over the past couple of years, Dylan has built an impressive library of daily gaming content that showcases his stellar editing skills and unique brand of humor. From his “Fallout 4 – No VATS Survival Mode” challenge run to his popular play-throughs of Undertale Fan Games, YuB likes to highlight a wide variety of games on his channel.

He maintains a daily upload schedule between his gameplays and vlogs, and never compromises on the production quality of his videos. He also streams weekly on either Twitch or YouTube gaming.



One of the standout elements in YuB’s content is his use of the face-cam. He tends to highlight commentary and reactions to the game by adjusting the size of the face-cam frame – popping out to emphasize words or reactions, occasionally cutting to a full-frame face-cam shot for a comedic pause in the action, etc.

Utilizing on-camera footage is a great way to create content that connects to your viewers at a more personal level (compared to voiceovers and off-camera commentary) and doing so in a creative way that further enhances the viewer experience is one of the best ways to go about it.