Mobile-friendly end screens are here

Mobile-friendly end screens are here


ver the last few months, YouTube has been testing out a new card type called end screens, and after taking user feedback, they’re rolling it out to the public. Like annotations, you’re able to link to additional content and urge your viewers to subscribe, but unlike annotations, end screens are mobile friendly!

The screengrab below is from one of Andre’s videos, and shows 3 call to actions. Two leading to additional videos, and one urging subscriptions. Watch his video to see it in action.

Creating an End Screen

From your YouTube video manager, find the video you wish to create an end screen for, click on the down arrow beside Edit, and choose the new End screen & Annotations option.


Once in the editor, you should see something similar to the screengrab below, which should feel similar to Cards – allowing you to add various elements and the time in which they appear.


Starting with a template

No matter what you’re looking to promote, there’s likely a template waiting for you. If you don’t want to bother laying out your end screen, you can choose one that’s already built!

Once a template has been chosen, plug in your content to finalize the end screen.


Best practices

To get you on your way, YouTube has a few best practices for end screens.
  • Feature elements that are relevant to the video.
  • Encourage viewers to click using calls to action for different end screen elements.
  • Make sure you leave enough space and time at the end of the video for an end screen. Make sure you consider the video’s last 20 seconds when editing it.
  • Consider timing different end screen elements to appear at different times.