Xbox Holiday Update & Fullscreen Arcade Club!


box just began rolling out its Xbox Holiday Update and we couldn’t be more excited! From Clubs (which will allow users to find like-minded players to build a group of players) to group messaging to a LFG tool (which is something I’ve been dying to have for years).

No one should have to game alone.

Quite possibly the most frustrating aspect of console gaming is trying to find other players to hop into a match with. When I think about my experience with raiding in Destiny, I had to use outside websites to find players to group up with. Not only did it remove some of the fun from the experience, but it also became relatively taxing to constantly be switching between two screens to play content.

The new LFG (Looking for Group) feature is essentially a “Want-Ad” section where users can type in what they are looking for or gamers looking for a group can discover new people to play with. It’s a two way street that always ends up in people joining together. Having this built into the platform is key, and glad they have finally done it.

Hop in the Clubhouse

We are becoming more and more a culture of sub-communities across the internet, and Xbox wants to make sure you have a great community experience.

Now you can find groups of other players to play with using a variety of tags. Would you like to only play with other players who have mics? You can do that. How about people who don’t curse during CoD? Those can now be found.

Today we have created a Fullscreen Arcade club on Xbox and you are all more than welcome to join! Just type in “Fullscreen Arcade” in the Find a Club portal on your Xbox app and join in on the fun!

The Rarest of All Achievements

Like our good friends at Achievement Hunter, we are constantly trying to rack up points on our Gamerscore. Xbox just introduced a new icon to showcase the rarest of Achievements for any given game.

So if you end up getting an achievement that few other players have been able to get, you will be met with a sweet animation.

They also have placed a Gamerscore Leaderboard on Xbox One and the Xbox App, where you and your friends can compete every month to see who gets the most points.


“We heard people like emojis, so we put some emojis on your emojis.” – Xbox

Emojis have now been added to the virtual keyboard on Xbox One.

Yup…Have fun with those.

Group Messaging

Instead of sending individual texts to each of your group members, why not send in bulk? Everyone loves a chain message!

This will be a great way to keep in touch with many friends at once, but I can anticipate it getting pretty annoying, pretty fast.