World Of Final Fantasy Demo Coming Soon

World Of Final Fantasy Demo Coming Soon

Square Enix announced this morning that its upcoming ultra-cute title “World of Final Fantasy” is getting a playable demo ahead of release. The PS4 & PS Vita game is slated to be released on October 25th, with the demo landing on October 17th.

Fantasy has never been so adorable

The demo will have you playing as Reynn & Lann in their Jiant & Lilikin forms, and has a variety of mirages in place that will have you interacting with other Final Fantasy characters such as Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart, and Lightning. Completing the demo will award players with the chance to battle Magitek Armor P in the final game’s coliseum.
World of Final Fantasy

Get creating!

There really isn’t much better than having early access to a title when it comes to the gaming space. Especially when its for a drastically different take on a well loved franchise like Final Fantasy. This gives you a chance to offer an early impression on the title, highlight what you’re looking forward to for the full game, or (in this case) show off the connectivity between the demo and the final version of the game!