Ubisoft Giving Away Beyond Good And Evil On PC

Ubisoft Giving Away Beyond Good And Evil On PC

Just days after word got out that Ubisoft is still working on Beyond Good & Evil 2 (first announced in 2008), they’ve made the original title available for free on PC for a limited time!

New sign ups at Ubisoft Club are eligible for the free download of this cult classic game through the end of this month, with different games being offered up for November and December. It’s a perfect time to re-acquaint yourself with this critically acclaimed titled, and you definitely can’t hate on the price.

The spookiest of loot

Beyond Good and Evil is a 3rd person action title that gained a cult following early on thanks to some of it’s more unique gameplay mechanics and compelling story. Fans have been clamoring for a sequel for quite some time, patiently waiting since the announcement by series creator Michel Ancel in 2008. We’re probably still a few years out from it being a reality, but knowing that it’s on the way is definitely exciting!

Get creating!

Who can argue with a free game? Looking for titles that are available for free, or have a trial available can lead to some really diverse content on your channel, especially if you focus on let’s play videos. Don’t be afraid to give new things a try, and most importantly, have fun exploring the wider gaming landscape and your viewers will enjoy right along with you!

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