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Jonathan Indovino started his ShadyPenguinn channel in 2013 primarily focusing on Pokémon, often featuring different “locke” playthroughs which change up certain aspects of the game to make it more difficult. He also does Pokémon TCG pack openings & PVP battle videos on a regular basis if that’s more your speed. While Pokémon is still a big focus, recently he has started to venture into other indie games and one off let’s plays. One of our favorites is his series called “Trash or Cash” where he reviews current indie games that his audience suggests.

His big personality and comedic style will definitely keep you entertained. You can even find his outgoing & energetic presence on the official streams for Nintendo’s Play Pokémon competition series! Despite his busy schedule, he maintains a consistent and frequent upload schedule, coupled with an intense Twitch streaming schedule, making the number of ShadyPeople grow by the day.



A cursory glance at any of Jonathan’s videos shows that he makes it a point to appear onscreen as much as possible. Although some gamers prefer to keep the focus on the game and stick to voiceovers, an onscreen presence can help your viewers connect to your content on an even more personal level. It’s hard to argue that it isn’t more entertaining to watch a live reaction to a cool happening during your video as it happens as opposed to just hearing it. This adds another element of spontaneity & excitement on top of the gameplay.

Jonathan also opens his videos with a standard sign on, greeting his viewers and introducing himself (just in case you’re new to the channel). Although this seems like a no brainer, simple greetings like this build a rapport with your fans and acts as a means to show you know they’re out there. Most long time YouTubers also do this as a way to acknowledge their connection to their viewers. In addition to a greeting try to think of different creative ways to address your fans, including calls to action, to further expand the connection you have with them and drive higher engagement on your channel!