Polybius, A PlayStation VR Exclusive From The Developer Of Space Giraffe

Polybius, A PlayStation VR Exclusive From The Developer Of Space Giraffe

Jeff Minter, industry veteran (and creator of some wonderful neon-colored shooter games), announced via the UK PlayStation Blog that he’s working on a PlayStation VR exclusive title called Polybius. The game is currently said to be near completion, although a release date hasn’t been announced yet. If you’re attending the Play Expo in Manchester this weekend, you can give it a shot!

Urban Legend Brought To Life

One really cool thing about Polybius is that it’s inspired by a gaming urban legend about an arcade game that would psychologically effect the players. According to legend, players would experience amnesia, night terrors, and the desire to quit playing video games altogether! The game was said to have been released in 1981, and completely disappeared shortly after these strange occurrences, leaving absolutely no trace of its existence outside of legend. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

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Given that there’s not much info for the title available just yet, or a release date on deck, this is a tricky game to cover. Thankfully it comes pre-baked with a really interesting backstory & inspiration. Creating some original content based on the legend of Polybius is an easy way to contribute to the buzz surrounding this game and grab the attention of others who are anticipating it as well!