Overwatch League – the future of eSports?


lizzCon 2016 was jam packed with exciting announcements – Sombra hacked her way into Overwatch, the Grimy Goons are taking over Hearthstone, Necromancers will once again rise the dead in Diablo 3, and a whole lot more. But there was ‘one more thing’ – the Overwatch League.

A path to becoming a pro

One of the [many] pain points that gamers face when exploring the possibility of going pro, is finding and joining the perfect team. We all have a friends list jammed full of people, but let’s be real – most of them just aren’t the right fit for competition. So now what? Blizzard has an answer!


The Overwatch League is your path to becoming a pro gamer – offering eligible players invitations to represent their city and compete to become the top team in the world!

Increasing the odds

Competitive play won’t be for everyone. Like traditional sports, professional eSports teams will be made up of the best players from around the world – and the best way to show off your still, is to first earn it. Overwatch’s competitive system, though still being tweaked, will act as a starting point to your journey. Whether you’re solo queuing (yikes) or grinding with a few friends, climb the ladder and you may become eligible for the global pool.

Stability. This is big

Possibly the biggest challenge that gamers face, is stability. You could be incredibly skilled, but it’s very difficult to make the switch from a regular day job to a professional gamer when there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever see a paycheck. The Overwatch League takes this into account by ensuring that all team members not only receive a base salary, but benefits, as well.


At this time, there’s little information on what those salaries may look like, but it should help gamers make that decision, if given the opportunity.

Setting the bar high

It would be wrong of me to sit here and claim that Blizzard is the first to strategize the future of eSports, but they just set the bar incredibly high. The path to joining a team is great, but offering contracts, base salaries, and benefits to teams and players is huge!


Time will tell on whether or not the Overwatch League will be a success, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for the rapidly growing eSports scene. 2017 could be game changing.