Dragon Quest VIII comes to 3DS


quare Enix is about to drop a revamp to their Dragon Quest series to a whole new generation of gamers. Back in 2005, Dragon Quest VIII debuted in the US, the first and only of the series to be released on the PlayStation 2. Now, twelve years later, the game is getting an overhaul and will be playable for Nintendo’s 3DS.

For anyone who loves classic J-RPGs, this game is a must-play. DQVIII stays true to the tried and tested style of its predecessors, but with some added game play enhancements. Top-down perspective has been done away with. Instead players are given a full 360 degree view, including a first-person perspective option. Combat is still turn-based, but with the 3DS launch, there are no more random battles. Monsters will roam the map at will and you can choose pick a fight with them.

What else is new?

Other new features include a quick save option, two new side-characters, and voice acting. In fact, this is the first Dragon Quest title that is fully voiced. New cut scenes and quests will make this a fun re-play for those fans who played the original many times over.

For the new characters, there’s a thief girl by the name of Red. Then there is Morrie, who runs the Monster Battle Arena and is a formidable hand-to-hand fighter in his own right. You might also recognize Morrie from another time and place – his design was based off Dragon Ball’s Mr. Satan. The famed artist and creator, Akira Toriyama, has also been the lead character and monster designer for most of the series.

Reliving the memories

It’s great to see some of these mid-2000 titles making a comeback. We saw some of the best J-RPGs come out of that time, and by updating them to add more content, older fans will get to relive their adventures with The Hero and his crew; while those new to the game or series will have a chance to discover the bright and monster-filled world of Dragon Quest.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, comes to America on January 20, 2017.