Video Game Movies Suck

On episode 4 of the Arcade Podcast, #TeamArcade sat down to complain about movies that have been created from video game franchises, repurposing classing games, broadcasting tips, and much more!

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Day in the life of D.VA

Ever wonder what Overwatch’s D.VA is up to when she’s not blowing her self up? SSSniperWolf takes up through her day!

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After haunting him for years, Mike finally tackles the “King of the Monsters” (or “Monster of Monsters”) GODZILLA himself! Turn the lights down, and he volume up as we journey into some CREEPY GAMING!

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XtremePyroSonic took some time to check out Green Hill Paradise Act 2, a sonic fan game made by SuperSonic68.

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No Man’s Podcast

On episode 2 of ‘the podcast with no name’, #TeamArcade sat down to discuss the emptiness of No Man’s Sky, sponsorships in gaming, which streaming platform you should be jumping on, and a whole lot more!

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