Antipole DX Pushed Back To 2017

Antipole DX Pushed Back To 2017

Saturnine Games revealed today via a Miiverse post, that their upcoming title “Antipole DX” is being delayed into 2017. The title is said to be about 95% complete, but the developer has no way of saying for sure when that last bit is going to be wrapped up.

The game was originally slated for a 2015 release on 3DS and Wii U.

New Generation Remake

Antipole was originally a title released on the Nintendo DSi in 2011. Antipole DX is a remake from the ground up for the current generation of Nintendo’s consoles. If you haven’t played the original, this is a prime time to check out it’s fast-paced, gravity bending, puzzle/platforming gameplay!
Antipole DX


Remakes can be great because they help drive a renewed interest in the original title. Leading into the release of a remade game, playing the original can help drive viewers who are looking for info on it to your channel. After the release, comparison videos & reactions from the perspective of someone who played the original can inform other players whether the new title is worth the time or if they should just stick with the original.